Cultural Day

Two articles by students

Culture is a word we all come across.  We all come from different cultural backgrounds and are often intrigued by other people’s cultures.  One interesting thing about culture is the dynamics and how it is ever-changing to fit time. Culture is the language we speak, the clothes we wear and our attitude towards others. 

One fact about Adorable is that we are not the same, every year, we keep changing. This year, the cultural day was anything but boring.  Fun fact, about this year’s program parents, were allowed to come and with their different cultural dishes.

The event started off quite well and as always with an opening prayer and as a way of showing patriotism we sang the national anthem. Adorable being a culturally diverse institution, the members of staff gave a warm welcome to the parents in three different languages. To officially start off the event the MC invited a parent to break a kola. If you’re surprised at the start of the event to be Igbo-like then I would like to add that it was a little democracy and the Igbos dominated. We were allowed to go and meet our parents and practically had lunch and dinner all at the same time.

This year’s cultural day was quite an adventure and guess what, I learned new different ways to say thank you. In Hausa it’s ‘na gode sosai, in Igbo it is ‘daalu’ and in Yoruba it is ‘ mo dupe lowo yin lopolopo.’

If you did not understand any of those then it is simply Thank You.

Cultural day was celebrated on the 23rd of November 2019, it was a memorable experience in A.B.C. We celebrated our different cultures   and unique backgrounds.

Cultural week in Adorable British isn’t like the way other schools do, why? Because we are unique and special in our own way first of all foods like pounded yam and soup, abacha, ukwa, ofe akwu and so many others will be served . Your parents are allowed to bring any other kind of cultural food you like. In this special cultural week there will be presentations like cultural dance, fashion parade and any other activity, (no English foods like sweets will be allowed into the school premises)

Another important part of the cultural day is Iwa oji (breaking of kolanut). In this process, students (a male and a female) are to present the kola and oseoji to the elder who will give the opening prayer and also the breaking of kola. After that, all other activities of the day follow.

In Adorable British College, we never miss any part of an interesting event most especially our culture, which is the most important part of our lives because without our culture, we don’t know who we are and there is nothing to make us special. So I say let’s celebrate our culture to the fullest. Ndi igbo kwenu

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