Counseling and Mentoring

In all schools, students tend to struggle with emotional and social changes. The responsibility of helping these young minds develop skills such as persistence, determination and resilience that will help them work through challenges, as they cope with their academics is very important. This can only be achieved through effective mentoring and counselling.

We use mentoring and counselling programs as a tool in helping students mature into responsible adults.  In Adorable British College, we fully understand how this tool can aid a child’s emotional health as well as social well-being. Academic success is higher where students have a higher emotional intelligence

As a school we practise positive and effective mentoring and counselling which over time has produced tremendous results in the way our students view and tackle challenges they encounter in school.

Our Mentors have been able to achieve this positive result through an atmosphere of warmth, flexibility and quick response to students’ mental needs. Ultimately, Mentors and Counsellors in Adorable British College motivate students with the knowledge to excel in life as they grow into Adorable adults.

Our Counseling and Mentoring

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