Chairman’s Message


To teach is the most noble profession of all and to be involved in establishing a world class educational facility is an immense privilege. Education is the passport to the future for our young people and our country. It has been a long held ambition of mine to make high quality education available to our young Nigerians and ex-pat population. As this ambition becomes a reality I look forward to the opening of ABC with confidence and pride.
My faith in the potential of young people knows no bounds. It is our task to create a school in which we harness and celebrate the potential of our young people, discipline and forgive them when they err and finally walk with them on their journey to self-realisation. To be involved in such work is an enormous privilege and as parents and teachers we engage in this work in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect. We share the same goals and together we will achieve them.
The core activity of school is the interaction which takes place between teacher and student. This interaction must always be respectful, positive and challenging. Such respect becomes a pervasive force in a good school and should be the defining characteristic of all the relationships between teachers, students, parents and the wider community. In my philosophy of education there is no place for raised voices, or aggression.
It is the mission of ADORABLE BRITISH COLLEGE to commit itself to the holistic development of the young person – intellectual, moral, physical, aesthetic and civic. Such people will realize their full potential, become invaluable members of society and will contribute enormously to their community and country.
I thank everyone associated with the establishment of this school and I have no doubt that the generations of students who will pass through our care will carry with them the skills, ambition and confidence to take their place as successful members of our society in the coming years.

Engr. Umeoji Emeka (PhD.), Chairman Adorable Group

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