Adorable on Air

A review written by Sylvia Y8

For a major part of my life, I haven’t really been interested in radio. Give me my favourite TV shows any day and I’ll be totally fine. However, on get­ting to Adorable British Col­lege, I had my first foray into it during an English lesson on radio. The lesson, as expected, was quite interesting albeit challenging. Challenging be­cause we were required to produce radio jingles, broad­cast and drama. Of course, we were also fully entertained as we pranced around school to interview a couple of our teachers and admin staff.

A fantastic experience for some truly amazing students

Mr Terry – Principal

This experience came in handy when a few months later, I was privileged to be chosen for what I’d call ‘the radio experience’ to repre­sent our school in celebration of this years’ World Children’s Day. To this effect, we were scheduled to go on air at Dream FM and Solid FM, both in Enugu State, to discuss the challenges confronting children in our country. I was startled at first because it would be my first time on air but afterwards, I felt better in consideration of the exposure I’d get from the experience. We started with a tour to Solid FM and it did go a long way to dispel my fears. On our return, we were assigned topics to work on and we found them really exciting.

On the day of our proposed visit to Dream FM, we were all in high spirits. We felt like ‘warriors’ as we boarded the vehicle that took us to the station. I still remember the excitement while we were en-route to the sta­tion as everyone chatted nonstop. On arrival, we took a few pictures and waited for our turn to be ushered in by our host, Uncle Jude.

I was among the first set to go on air and by that time, I was very nervous and wor­ried that I would mess up. We introduced ourselves and took turns to make our con­tributions. My turn went well, to my surprise as I stuttered at some point. In spite of all that, I really enjoyed myself.

The next day, we went back to Solid F.M. for an interactive session with some students from Graceland College. From what I gathered, we did marvellously well, and Princi­pal Terry informed us of the SMT’s plan to float a radio sta­tion in the school. Who ever thought we could go from vis­iting radio stations to actually having one in our school? Of course, Adorable remains the undisputed game changer.