Our new library arrives

By Chukwukasima Ugwuanyi (Year 8)

You know that feeling when you think a little renovation won’t hurt and it actually turns out great? That was the feeling we got when we resumed for the Autumn term. Before we came back to school for a new half term, Adorable had an awe-inspiring idea to build a new library as a great opportunity to broaden the imagination of students and to also help develop their reading, writing and vocabulary skills because good readers are great writers. The school sets up times where we can go to the library, order books and read.

The library is at least two months old and we have over two hundred books waiting to inspire young minds. Our library, in my own opinion, is of the international standard. It looks a lot like a cafe; there are round tables where you can sit with your friends and a bar-like-stand where you can order your books or snacks and leave your recommendations. One thing that encourages me to read is how conducive and serene the library is. You get to travel with your books and not to mention how passionate our Librarian/English teacher is about books.

The first time we were introduced to the series Dork Diaries, half of the school went crazy over it and there were just thirteen books of it, everyone wanted a copy. Somehow, the school always knows the right books to order every new term. There is a serious competition amongst readers in school so, if you do not go to the library to get the book you want someone else will get it.

The new library has a positive effect on me, I discovered my favourite genres due to the range of books we have. The books I find most interesting are realistic fiction, fantasy and adventure. I owe this to the new library and the team.

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