Visit to the orphanage

As Brooke Randolph once said “children without families are the most vulner­able people in the world.”  As children of Adorable British College we want to say no to that because that is not meant to be like that, one does not have to be vulner­able because circumstances made it that way, the world is meant to be a balanced and just place.  Our school took part in the world freedom day and our aim was to help the less privileged children by changing lives one child at a time.

On the 15th of March 2019, we got engaged in different fun fundraising activities such as: car washing, selling of cupcakes, making of lemonade e.t.c. The students wanted to raise enough money and try to make a differ­ence in the world. At the end of the day the school raised enough money and a few students were selected to represent the school in the orphanage visit. The stu­dents were exhilarated to help those experiencing the bad side of life.

The school took a bus to a nearby orphanage and the stu­dents were excited to be visit­ing a motherless babies home but when we got there, we were filled with sad emotions because we saw kids that could grow up to be high standard citizens of Nigeria and children who are meant to be leaders of tomor­row but their lives are hanging on a life line and those who are deformed and cannot move around. Unlike us who are priv­ileged to have loving parents, friends and teachers these chil­dren do not have anyone apart from their carers who might be too busy and exhausted. After the tour of the orphanage, we were informed by the lady in charge that the children were up for adoption.

Although we went with gifts, we didn’t feel like the gifts were enough to fill the void in the hearts of these children. I mean, Imagine not having a dad or mom to talk to or to tell how you feel when you are sad or even ask for things? After we were done with the tour, we thanked those who took care of the children and encouraged them to always give them their support. We were thrilled and honoured to be the first people to ever represent the school in the World Freedom Day visit to the orphanage. We are so happy to be in a school that helps make a difference in the world.

All the students planned the whole event.  The work that they put into the fundraising day was outstanding.

Ms Mba, Vice Principal

CNN Freedom Day

The students ran a complete fundraising day, they made and sold cakes, they washed cars, and even did extra cleaning.  They raised a total of N200,000 and decided to buy gifts for a local centre.

CNN World Freedom day is celebrated around the world.  Our students celebrated the event and you can watch the video that they made on our dedicated YouTube channel.


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